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What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a repeated procedure of bleaching of tooth enamel surface or a course of procedures ensuring elimination of yellowness, stains and grey dental deposit.

There are several methods of teeth whitening including: in-office, at-home, laser whitening as well as whitening toothpastes. But the at-home method, namely Bright Light teeth whitening strips, is acknowledged the most safe, convenient and affordable among other methods.  Moreover, as to efficiency, application of Bright Light teeth whitening strips is similar to procedures fulfilled in the dentist's office.


What are the latest innovations in the field of teeth whitening?

For today Bright Light teeth whitening strips are the most innovative products.   Owing to efficiency and ease of use, they have quickly gained popularity all over the world.   And a unique composition of the gel used on Bright Light strips is so safe that they are recommended even for children!

What are Bright Light teeth whitening strips and how do they work?

Bright Light strips are developed by professionals meant for safe and convenient application at home.  Bright Light strips are thin, flexible strips coated with bleaching gel which fit precisely the shape of your teeth. The gel-coated side of a strip is positioned over the teeth for 30 minutes. During this time the gel softly penetrates into tooth enamel and whitens it restoring from the inside enamel natural whiteness.

Are Bright Light teeth whitening strips safe?

The main bleaching agent of Bright Light strip is 6% hydrogen peroxide that is equivalent to a glass of soda water. Numerous researches have proven the product safety provided it is applied in accordance with the instructions.


Is it possible to use Bright Light teeth whitening strips when having heightened tooth sensitivity?

Heightened tooth sensitivity is a widespread side effect of all known teeth whitening methods. It is a normal reaction to internal enamel restoration processes. There is no reason for concerns. Within 3-4 days after completing the course of whitening your teeth will have become less sensitive and will preserve their natural whiteness.

In case tooth and gum sensitivity haven't gone, then try to apply Bright Light teeth whitening strips
once a day instead of twice or take a break for 2-3 days and then continue the course.

What will I feel after the procedure of teeth whitening?

After each procedure you will feel perfect cleanness and freshness of your teeth which will be well preserved for a long time. The active component of Bright Light whitening strips is the same that is contained in professional treatment products used by dentists of world leading clinics. The effect of application of Bright Light teeth whitening strips doesn't differ from the results of professional teeth bleaching.


How white will my teeth become?

The final result of teeth whitening depends on many factors such as type of your teeth, the reason of dental deposit formation, number of teeth whitening procedures you have undergone before etc.

According to practical experience, yellow deposit disappears from teeth much more quicker than grey dental deposit. We offer courses of teeth whitening which allow to achieve maximum effect in a short period of time.

Choose the course the most suitable for you and enjoy perfect whiteness of your teeth that you will regain owing to Bright Light teeth whitening strips!



How efficient are Bright Light teeth whitening strips?

Composition of the gel, coating Bright Light teeth whitening strips, is the same that is used in professional products applied by dentists today. So, you obtain the same effect for the lesser money. Moreover, you can apply Bright Light strips anywhere and in any time convenient for you.  The only restriction: You should not drink, eat and smoke during the time you have the strips on your teeth.


What are side effects of application of teeth whitening strips?

The only side effect of application of Bright Light whitening strips may be short-term heightened tooth sensitivity that is a side effect of any teeth whitening procedure.  Composition of the gel is absolutely safe that is confirmed by numerous laboratory researches and many years' experience of leading dentists of the world.


Sometimes, immediately after removing whitening strips there appear white stains on teeth. Will they disappear?

Yes, white stains are temporary phenomenon. They are not harmful and will disappear in several hours.


Do Bright Light teeth whitening strips affect tooth filling and crowns?

Pay attention that Bright Light strips whiten only live teeth and do not whiten crowns, teeth fillings or false teeth. In case, during strips application, you notice change of colour of false teeth and teeth fillings, please consult your dentist whether this teeth whitening method is good for you.


May I smoke a cigarette immediately after completion of teeth whitening procedure?

In order to achieve the best effect we would not recommend you to smoke or have colouring drinks during one hour after the procedure.

*Attention! All information on the site is for informational purposes only. Before using teeth whitening strips, please consult your dentist!



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